50A Anderson Connector with Alligator Clip


Product Details

Product Brief:

This product consists of a 50A Anderson connector, two terminals and two 30cm wires with two alligator clips. One red and one black thread and leather case are used to distinguish.


Product Details:

50A Anderson Connector with Alligator Clip, This product is mainly used connect to most Batteries ,The wire gauge is 2*8AWG, Line length is 30CM ,Alligator Clip apply to 100A batteries , super large bite force,not easy to fall,  made of brass , Strong conductivity. This Alligator Clip body rivet reinforcement, fine workmanship,Used to fixed inner core to stabilize safe current. There is a thick spring on the back, which has strong elasticity, which can make it tighten the battery and it is not easy to fall off. This Alligator Clip body have insulated leather case, Its used to isolating current to ensure safety. The 2*8AWG wire,Wrap it in an insulated holster,good electrical conductivity, safe and durable. The 50A Anderson connector is adopted high-impact plastic and can be used in harsh environments,high quality, very durable. We also provide customized services to our customers, extending the length of the wire and the wire diameter of the wire according to the customer's needs. We can also provide plastic blister for this product, with a product description card attached, which can be easily saved or directly resold. Our company supports sample service, customers only pay postage, we can provide samples for testing and use free of charge. We also support a variety of shipping methods, such as TNT, DHL, sea transportation, etc.