Anderson plug to Cigarette Plug


Product Details

Product Brief:

The Anderson plug to Cigarette Lead, It easy connect to most 12V applications , It consists of a 50A Anderson connector, a 30CM long 2*16AWG wire and an adapter with a cigarette plug at the end.

Product Details:

The Anderson plug to Cigarette Lead, Usually used with the Cigarette lighter socket, This product is suitable for connect the car’s 12v power export hole ,When take off the adapter hat, It also could used in the ship. When you need it, it can also be used as an adapter to connect the 12V power export hole on the car with a cigarette plug. The connector on the head can be connected to other devices, such as Car's inflator, mobile phone charging, MP3/MP4, etc. Charging of digital products. It can also be equipped with a car inverter that converts 12V, 24V or 48V DC power from the car to 220V/50Hz AC power for use by ordinary appliances. The car inverter is preferably split type, the power consumption of the appliance is limited to 150W, and the output current is not greater than the battery current.

Product Feature And Application of the Anderson plug to Cigarette Lead:

Can be connected to the cigarette socket, forming a wire under special circumstances: