120A Power Pole Connector

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Product Brief:

The 120 amp Anderson high current electric bike connector , A complete connector includes a housing, a spring sheet fixed inside the housing, and a terminal , Usually they are used together with two or more. The Anderson housing made of anti-ignition polycarbonate, it is very durable. The spring sheet made of stainless steel, stable inside the casing, not easy to deform or loose. The terminal made of silver-plated silver, silver has very good electrical conductivity and can make the product not easy to heat. In our daily life, connector has been used more and more widely. It provides convenience and safety for our life. Our products are of high quality and have a long service life. It can make you feel at ease and save your money.


Product description:

120 amp Anderson high current electric bike connector, Compared with 30A and 75A products, this rated current is 120A, which can be applied to higher current applications. For example, it is applied to battery, motor, electric vehicle, high-power electric model, inverter, etc. The 120A amp Anderson connector interface mode that uses a rectangular color to distinguish voltage interfaces .The side of the housing has a dovetail groove that can be assembled into various types of multi-pole connectors. Fast and easy installation and free splicing, The housing is corrosion resistant, thus protecting the surface of the terminal from damage. It can be used with PCB fixed socket pin, Achieve the effect of stabilizing the product. The Anderson connector Terminal is made of silver-plated copper with excellent conductivity, which can effectively reduce the resistance during energization and achieve high conductivity.


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