75A double pole connector

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Product Details

Product Brief:

Anderson single pole 75 amp battery/Power Connectors, It is suitable battery, Power, Solar panels, Vehicle refrigerators, etc.. The housing Built-in stainless steel spring leaf. The terminal made of silver-plated copper , Conductivity is very good., have 6AWG, 8AWG, 10 TO 12WAG three kinds of wire gauge could be choose, terminal head with groove design, it can be better combined with spring and not easy to fall off. The Anderson single pole 75 amp is no difference between positive and negative poles, Favorable to reduce inventory, Any color can be matched as long as the specifications are the same. Plug in and disconnect easily and quickly.


Product description:

The Anderson connector main effect is between the blocked or isolated circuits in the circuit, a bridge of communication is established to allow current to flow, enabling the circuit to perform its intended function. Our Anderson connector  use Modular housing, polarized housing, Easy installation. The use of eye-catching color coding and wire matching allows the user to customize the multi-pole configuration to prevent mis-insertion and damage the connector. It is versatile and can be selected to best suit the design requirements. Key control function of different color encoding and interface of housing to prevent misinsertion of flat terminals by different voltage sources, Stable current and voltage, suitable for all major current applications.


Technical Parameters:

Rated Current(A)


Rated Voltage(V)


Contact Barrel Wire Size(AWG)

6AWG/8AWG/  10/12AWG

Length, width and Height


Average Insertion Force



1 pin