50A Handle


Product Details

Product Brief:

This product is used to assist the use of Anderson connector products. The T-handle is suitable for 50A Anderson connectors of various colors. It can also be applied to most connectors on the market. This product contains two bolts, two nuts and one T. Type handle.



Product Details:

The 50A Anderson plug Red and grey T-handle , It is available in red and grey. It can also be used with only 50A connectors (compatible with most 50A power connector brands), Installation is very quick and easy, just align the two holes on the handle with the two holes in the body of the connector, then use bolts to pass through the two holes and tighten with a nut. These steps are only by hand. It can be done without any other tools, saving time and effort. The T-shaped design is better adapted to our hands, so that we can work with just two fingers. And installing it does not hinder the use of the connector. Sometimes when our hands are stained with something (such as oil stains, sewage, etc.), it is not convenient to directly touch the connector, the handle provides us with convenience.


Handle operation diagram: