120A Handle


Product Details

Product Brief:

  • IP67 Anderson connector handle, rugged and durable, Can be recycled use many times, economic and environmentally friendly.

  • Bolt made of Nickel plated screw,Nickel plating technology for screw Nickel-plated screw has high stability and uniform thickness. It is suitable for surface anti-corrosion treatment of high strength bolts

  • Anti-skid toothed nut with anti-skid function, make the connection more stable, ensure that the product will not loosen, fall off and other unexpected situations during use, the operation is more stable and safer to use.



Product Details:

The Anderson connector Triangle handle, Designed for the 120A Anderson connector size, it is also suitable for most connector handles of the same size. The connector handle is triangular in shape and can be grasped by hand. It is very convenient to use. Installed in the same way as the T-shaped handle. Use the hole of the handle to align the hole in the connector and fix it with bolts and nuts. Nickel-plated bolts have a silvery white appearance. By electroless or chemically plating a metal or some non-metal with a layer of nickel, the hardness of the nickel coating is relatively high, which can improve the wear resistance of the surface of the product, and nickel plating Usually used in the printing industry to improve the hardness of the lead surface, because the bolts and nuts need to be rotated to operate, nickel plating increases wear resistance, prolongs product life and prevents product rust. Our products adhere to the principle of high quality and high standards, and are committed to providing customers with the best product experience.