175A/350A Handle

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Product Details

Product Brief:

  • This model is suitable for 175A and 350A Anderson connectors or other brands of the same size.

  • Traditional robust system - ensuring tight integration with connectors.

  • Made of polycarbonate material with high strength and elastic modulus, high impact strength and wide temperature range, it can be selected from bright red and common gray.

  • These handles provide you with the perfect way to quickly connect and disconnect connectors, Handy for jump starting or if using an auxiliary or slave battery.



Product Details:

Do you often have stains on your hands because of work, you can't hold the connector, or because the length of the connector itself is not enough, you can't hold it, you can't quickly disconnect the connector, it's very troublesome, which affects you work process. At this time you need to use the connector handle, it will provide great convenience for your disassembly connector, you can grasp the connector handle with the whole hand, and then pull out the connector without difficulty, whether you have it or not Oil stains and the like, even wearing gloves can be operated, convenient and fast, but also avoid the danger of accidentally touching the power when the connector is pulled out.



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