30A Protect Jacket

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Product Details

Product Brief:

This is a product specially made for the Anderson powerpole series. This model is suitable for 15A 30A 45A Anderson powerpole products(The same housing, only the terminal wire diameter is different).


Product Details:

30 amp Black FR PVC Cover Flame Retardant Sleeve, Used to protect connectors and use safety, Made of black flame retardant PVC material, it has anti-corrosion, anti acid, anti chemicals, dirt, rain water, etc. It is also possible to adjust the sheath wiring according to the wiring size. It is used to protect the internal cleaning of the connector, the integrity of the tail terminal, and to prevent the risk of electric shock. One FR PVC Cover can accommodate two 30A connectors. When using, you need to cut the closed end with scissors. When the terminal is pressed and the cable is inserted into the plastic case, you can pass the wire to the cut end and tighten the insert. Easy to operate.