350A Dust Cover


Product Details

Product Brief:

  • Available in bright red and classic black colors

  • Please check the dimensions on the back of the connector. This product is only for the 350A Anderson connector, or other 350A connector.

  • Recyclable, close to the body part of the connector, the cover will not fall or be lost when not in use.

  • The dust cover prevents dust from entering the inside of the connector when the connector is not in use, to avoid damage to the terminal and to prevent abnormalities in the connector.


Product Details:

The 350A Anderson battery connector dust cover,  Please confirm before purchase, this product can only be used for 350A Anderson connector, or most of the same type of connector on the market. this product Ideal for keeping grime and excess moisture from building up on the contacts. It is suitable for the occasion that need frequent battery, the product can be recycled, green and environmental protection, 100% brand new quality. Our company supports a variety of payment methods, such as: L/C (Letter of Credit), T/T (Telegraphic Transfer), D/P (Document against Payment) etc. We take the principle of customer first, everything is done for the convenience of customers.