3 Pin Deustch Connector

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Product Details

Product Brief:

  • Product Name: 3 pin Electrical Wire DT series Automotive Connector Kit

  • Product Series: DT Series

  • Product Material: Thermoplastic have High elasticity, aging resistance, oil resistance advantage

  • IP Rating: IP67

  • Product wire gauge:14-20 AWG



Product Details:

The  3 pin Electrical Wire DT series Automotive Connector Kit, The product has been proven to be reliable and sturdy, The DT design strengths include optional flange mounting, multi-pin arrangements, lower cost, and design flexibility. This product is divided into male and female parts, Can be sold separately, Each part of the material is individually sealed in a plastic bag for easy differentiation. This product can continue to work normally at rated current from -55° To +120°, It can ensure normal use and good performance after multiple disconnections. suitable for automotive (chassis, cabin, engine bay, drive train, interior, aftermarket accessories, caravans, 4X4), marine, harsh environment and heavy equipment applications where reliable connections need to be made quickly, easily, and at a low cost.


DT&DT Bussed Series Size 16: