4 Pin Deutsch Connector

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Product Details

Product Brief:

4 pin DT series Wire and Cable Connector Kit, The DT Series offers the designer the ability to use multiple size 16 contacts, each with 13 amp continuous capacity, within a single shell. The product is divided into two parts, male and female. Each kit is supplied with one male housing, one female housing and the required amount of terminals. They are packed in plastic sealed bags and can be purchased separately



Product Details:

The 4 pin DT series Wire and Cable Connector Kit, This product is durable, it’s could be No electrical or mechanical defects after 100 cycles of engagement and disengagement. And waterproof, It could  Properly wired and mated connections will withstand immersion under three feet of water without loss of electronic qualities or leakage. Dielectric Withstanding Voltage :Current leakage less than 2 milliamps at 1500 VAC.



Product Features:

? Accepts contact size 16 (13 amps)

 ? In-line, flange or PCB mounts available

 ? Thermoplastic housing and intergraded latch for mating

 ? Wedge locks confirm contact alignment and retention