8 Pin Deutsch Connector

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Product Details

Product Brief:

8 pin DT series Connector Kit, Made of high-quality raw materials, with good performance, can be used in a wide range of harsh environments, affordable, careful workmanship, welcome to buy.



Product Details:

The 8 pin DT series Connector Kit, This product has a gray outer casing, a green and an orange wedge lock, 16 silver-white needles, and a protection rating of up to IP67, which can be used from -55 ° C to +125 ° C.



What is included:

1 X DT04-8P 8-Way Receptacle with Wedge lock

1 X DT06-8S 8-Way Plug with Wedge lock

8 X 0460-215-16141 Green Band Pin Male Contacts

8 X 0462-209-16141 Green Band Socket Female Contacts



Product installation method:

1.Grasp crimped contact approximately 1.0"(25.4mm)behind the contact barrel.

2.Hold connector with rear grommet facing you.

3.Push contact straight into connector grommet until a click is felt. A slight tug will confirm that it is properly locked in place.

4. Once all contacts are in place, insert orange wedge: receptacles with half holes aligning with contacts. Plugs with contacts aligning behind full holes. The orange wedge will snap into place.