12 Pin Deutsh Connector

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Product Details

Product Brief:

12 pin DT series Waterproof Electrical Wire Connector Kit, It have wide range of applications, for example: construction, agricultural, recreational and heavy equipment industries , It can come in handy. Welcome to consult or purchase.


Product Details:

The 12 pin DT series Waterproof Electrical Wire Connector Kit, DT series current rating: 13 amps. These DT 12 pin connectors are designed to be environmentally sealed, and waterproof, For the protection of your electrical system from dirt, dust, mud, water, vibration rugged terrain whether you are on the road, off the road, racing or on the water. The installation of the product is very simple, but when you install the auxiliary light on the car or ship, it will show its water resistance and durability



Product removal method:


1. Removal orange wedge using needle nose pliers to pull wedge straight out.

2. To removal the contacts, gently pull wire backwards, while at the same time releasing the locking finger by moving it away from the contact with a screwdriver.

3. Hold the rear sear in place, as removing the contact will displace the seal.

 Note: The receptacle is shown use the same procedure for plug


What is included:

1x (12 pin) Deutsch Male Connector
1x (12 pin) Deutsch Female Connector
1x Wedge for Lock Female
1x Wedge for Lock Male
12x Male Seals Terminals
12x Female Seals Terminals