ZJ100_200_D_B DC contactor

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Product Details

This dc contactor is applicable for controlled power supply system or uninterrupted power supply system.


Brief Technical Data

 Parameters   Coil voltage of contact circuit (V)
 Coil power  8-12W
 Main rated load current of contact circuit(A)  100A、200A
 Rated voltage of contact circuit (V)  6-80V DC
 Dielectric(volt)strength  50Hz 1000V AC 1min
 Current volt drop of main contact at 100A  Not above 80mV
 Operating time  

Pickup(contact makes): ≯30ms,

release (contact breaks): ≯30ms

 Action characteristic  

Pickup(contact makes):≯66%Us,

Release(contact breaks):≯30%Us,≮5%Us

 Mechanical life  100 thousand times
 Electric life  20 thousand times






































tips:Specifications subject to change as the customers' request.


100A contact for φ 8, 200A contact for φ 11

Configurational Mounting Diagram