ZJQ-150-300 DC Contactor

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Product Details

ZJQ-150/300 dc contactor are designed for using in DC circuits and can be powered with battery or rectified power.They perform  power switching functions for power switching operations of traction drives as well as pump motor and other electric vehicles.

Brief Technical Data

Parameters  Coil voltage of contact circuit (V)
 Parameters  6 -220V
 Coil power  35-40W
 Main rated load current of contact circuit(A)
 Rated voltage of contact circuit (V)  6-80V DC
 Dielectric(volt)strength  50Hz 1000V AC 1min
 Current volt drop of main contact at 100A  Not above 80mV
 Operating time  

Pickup(contact makes): ≯30ms,

release (contact breaks): ≯30ms

 Action characteristic  

Pickup(contact makes):≯66%Us,

Release(contact breaks):≯30%Us,≮5%Us

 Mechanical life  100 thousand times
 Electric life  20 thousand times




















tips:Specifications subject to change as the customers' request.

Configurational Mounting Diagram