175A Anderson Plug

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Product Details

Product Brief:

  • Extremely simplified design, minimizing the number of parts, conducive to storage, carrying, installation.

  • Solid silver plated terminal, head groove design, which is good for jamming the shell and not easy to fall.

  • Can be used with the relevant handle and dust cover, which is conducive to operation and storage, to ensure product quality and life.

  • Length, width and height:79.80mm*54.00mm*25.55mm

  • Yellow, Orange, Red, Gray, Blue five kinds color to be choose.

  • Terminal wire diameter:1\0AWG, 2AWG, 4AWG.


Product Details:

175 amp Anderson high Current Battery DC Power Connector, Using planar contact technology, the resistance to keep contact under high current is minimal. Colored housing, according to different colors to distinguish the recommended voltage for the industry standard, Adopting foolproof design, different color interfaces, avoiding two shells with different voltage coded colors dock, eliminate the possibility of misplugging the power supply and the socket, So it's also a non-male-female design, according to the color to distinguish, only the same color can be connected, The product is widely used in electric machinery (electric wheelchair, electric washing machine, lawn mower, vacuum cleaner, electric stacker), medical equipment (suction machine, decompression machine, electric treatment bed), high current connector, material Handling equipment, rechargeable battery applications, power distribution equipment, industrial equipment, etc. Our company is a professional manufacturer and seller of this product. We have professional equipment and advanced technology to ensure product quality. We have professional staff, many years of experience, can solve any doubts for you within 24 hours. Our company also provides a lot of express delivery methods for you to choose, such as: TNT, UPS, DHL, etc., efficient and safe delivery of the goods to your hands.

Structural analysis:

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