120A Anderson Connector

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Product Details

Product Brief:

  • Rated Current 120A Rated Voltage 600V

  • Average Contact Resistance 0.05MΩ

  • Withstand Voltage 2200V(DC)

  • Operating Temperature Range -20° To 105°

  • Terminal Wire gauge 2AWG , 4AWG , 6AWG.

Product details

Anderson Electric Car 120 amp Battery Charging Plug connector, The 120A Anderson housing have red ,gray , blue three kinds of color to be choose. The housing is rectangular, and at the front end is an interface for connecting another connector. The upper part of the front end can be OEM LOGO according to customer requirements. The back end is the main body of the connector. Let's hold the connector and make it convenient for us to connect and disconnect, there are several protruding stripes on the two sides of the lower end of the housing, which are used to increase the resistance, so that we can exert force. The front and back of the shell are marked with positive and negative signs to prevent operation errors. there are two holes in the middle of the housing body for Install a specific connector handle. There are product specifications on the back, which makes it easy to distinguish between different models. The shell is made of anti-extrusion and anti-corrosion polycarbonate (PC) material, which can effectively protect the internal working operation. The spring piece is made of stainless steel material, which is repeatedly tempered, elastic and fixed inside the shell. The terminals are copper plated silver, both of which are well known metals with very good electrical conductivity.

Product Drawing: